3 Psychotherapeutic Tools for Self-Mastery

I recently finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology. While that means I know psychotherapy from an educational perspective, I also know it deeply from my own personal experience. Psychotherapeutic tools were originally engineered for treating mental illnesses, but they serve equally well as methods to deal with minor mental disturbances (which is something we all … Continue reading 3 Psychotherapeutic Tools for Self-Mastery

An Ancient Secret to a Meaningful Life

“Since nature intended us to be social creatures, we have duties to our fellow humans.” William B. Irvine Two thousand years ago, stoic philosophers knew of something that could contribute to a good and meaningful life. To them, it was obvious. Today, many people fail to make use of the very same principle. If you … Continue reading An Ancient Secret to a Meaningful Life

The Circle of (a Meaningful) Life

From the moment we grow conscious of our own mortality, we naturally learn we live once.  How to maximize it, however, is another matter; and it isn’t learned quite so easily. No one tells us how to do it, nor is it self-evident. In this article, I’ll propose how to maximize your life with meaning. … Continue reading The Circle of (a Meaningful) Life

How to Reach Your Goals in 90 Days

Viktor Frankl wrote Man's Search for Meaning in 9 days. That's an amazing accomplishment; and if you could manage to write your own book in 90, then that would be an amazing accomplishment as well. And it's possible. Whatever your goal is. It's possible to achieve it in 90 days. Why it Works The skill/time … Continue reading How to Reach Your Goals in 90 Days

The Impact of Words: How Reading Can Work as Therapy

I once started to read, quite heavily, as a means to escape some pain. I had just gone through a bad breakup and was filled with depression and ache. In an attempt to find a way to heal, I searched the web for a solution. At first, I encountering a lot of misinformation. But eventually … Continue reading The Impact of Words: How Reading Can Work as Therapy