A collection of time-tested principles on how to live a better and more meaningful life.

Life would be better with more effective principles to live by. You would be happier, more successful, and have a more meaningful experience. 

But have you ever wondered if you missed out on such principles while growing up? Like there was something better out there; lessons that you didn’t learn from your parents or education?

The reality is that, with no good principles to live by, it can often lead to a lesser quality of life. It can make you feel lost, hopeless and without something meaningful to live for. 

I know this from experience. When my first relationship ended, I fell into depression and existential crisis. It was awful. But it was also what led me to discover nine undying lessons; principles of personal growth and meaningful living:

  1. Embrace the Pain
  2. Articulate Yourself
  3. Seek and Give Support
  4. Observe the World
  5. Face Your Fears
  6. Aim High
  7. Align Your Actions
  8. Allow Adjustments
  9. Balance Your Life

You can learn these lessons too. Based on my personal experience, psychological research and historical data, I’ve put them all into this book for you to read.

You don’t have to stay lost or hopeless. You can transform your life into a better and more meaningful existence.

Read the book. Apply the lessons. Live better.