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Get 10 Sessions of Psychology-Based Personalized Coaching


Deep down, you know you’re capable of living your best life possible. But sadly, there seems to be some roadblocks in your way:

  • You might feel lost and anxious—of where to start and which direction to follow.
  • You might feel empty and unmotivated—because of unclear values and self-worth.
  • You might feel confused and frustrated—about the world and your place in it.

I know what this is like, as I’ve struggled with all the above. And it’s one of the reasons why I started coaching people.

Based on my experiences, and years of scientific research, I can help you get past these problems and help you unlock the good life you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t have to struggle anymore. You can live with meaning and make a positive impact on the world. It’s time to live your best experience.

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Why It Matters:

Research shows that meaningfulness improves your psychological, physical, and social functioning; making you happier, healthier and more prosocial.

This in turn, will help you accomplish your dreams, find satisfaction in what you do, and make a positive impact on the world. It has lasting effects on well-being; and not only in your own life, but in others’ as well.

If you fail to remove your roadblocks, they will consume your life and make it lesser. And you will lose out on the greatest things that life has to offer.

You will be living, of course; but you will not feel fully alive. And you will be aging, to be sure; but you will pass through existence with little to show for.

If you’re interested in doing something about this, sign up and get coaching today.


I Will Teach You How To:

  • Find a direction and set up meaningful goals, by using decision-making principles and experimentation.
  • Clarify your values and self-worth, through deep reflection and committed action.
  • Make sense of yourself and the world, by leveraging both advanced and ordinary mechanisms.
  • Impact others in a positive way and make a contribution to the world.

The Process We Will Follow:

  • You will receive education about meaningfulness and impact.
  • We will discuss your goals and set up a personalized plan.
  • You will get 10 coaching-sessions (45 minutes each).
  • I will answer all your questions and give you feedback when you need it.

The Agreement Between Us:

  • I will provide you with a no-bullshit, psychology-based approach.
  • I will help you improve in an authentic way.
  • You must be open to the idea of living better.
  • You must be willing to try new things.
  • We will do it together.

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