4 Simple Habits to Improved Well-being

If you want to be wealthy, don’t focus on money. Focus on well-being. If you do — and apply the habits in this article — you should expect to see some powerful changes in your life. You’ll be happier, healthier, perform better in what you do and thrive. This is far more important than money. In … Continue reading 4 Simple Habits to Improved Well-being

3 Psychotherapeutic Tools for Self-Mastery

I recently finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology. While that means I know psychotherapy from an educational perspective, I also know it deeply from my own personal experience. Psychotherapeutic tools were originally engineered for treating mental illnesses, but they serve equally well as methods to deal with minor mental disturbances (which is something we all … Continue reading 3 Psychotherapeutic Tools for Self-Mastery